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Dean of Science

Dean of Science


The Dean of Science is organising a two-day staff orientation programme at the beginning of every academic year.

The Deans are involved in the restructuring of the UG and PG curriculum.

Dean of Science is in charge of students who repeat their internals, organises the Convocation function, collaborates with the Principal and Vice-Principal on all academic matters, assists the Vice-Principal in the preparation of various documents as and when asked for by various bodies such as UGC, NAAC and University of Madras, assists the Vice-Principal as the Deputy Chief Superintendent during semester examinations, participates in all H.O.Ds meetings convened by the Principal, receives visitors for the purpose of academic matters and shares the Loyola's experience with them, and is invited for various academic purpose related to Autonomy, NAAC and curriculum restructuring, by various institutions in India.

Students meet the Dean of Science with regard to lack of credits for promotion, letters of reference and various other matter.

Dean of Science associates with the Dean (College Development Council), University of Madras for academic matters. 

Dr. J. Merline Shyla
Dean of Science
Loyola College, 
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel: 91 44 28178313